‘Apple Glass’ microphones may locate sounds and direct users to the source

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An array of delicate microphones in “Apple Glass” could detect audio that is troublesome to listen to, or to exactly find, and direct the wearer the place to look.

Apple has beforehand utilized for patents relating to sound high quality in “Apple Glass,” and making 3D audio for it. A newly-revealed patent utility exhibits that Apple can also be what “Apple Glass” can do with the audio its microphones hear.

“Audio-Based mostly Suggestions for Head-Mountable Machine,” is worried with detecting sounds, after which informing the wearer of them. That is if the machine has these microphones — the patent is cautious to not say that “Apple Glass” or any particular machine could have them, solely that they might.

“A head-mountable machine can embrace a number of microphones for directional audio detection,” it says. “The pinnacle-mountable machine may be configured to supply visible outputs based mostly on audio inputs by displaying an indicator on a show based mostly on a location of a supply of a sound.”

So if “Apple Glass” has “a number of microphones for capturing audio data (e.g., sounds) from a number of sources which can be situated in numerous instructions,” then it may course of what it hears. Whereas the patent utility doesn’t go into particulars, the implication is that on the very least, the “Apple Glass” show may present a notification when a specific sound is detected.

Detail from the patent showing microphones facing in different directions

Element from the patent exhibiting microphones dealing with in numerous instructions

What could also be extra helpful in sure functions is that the machine’s microphones are prone to be fairly extra highly effective than the wearer’s personal ears. Sporting “Apple Glass,” they might be notified of sounds they merely couldn’t hear unaided.

Plus, as a result of there are an array of microphones dealing with totally different instructions, “Apple Glass” may extremely precisely calculate the place a given sound originates. They might “rendered with visible outputs” what Apple describes as “indicators directing the consumer to the supply of the sound.”

“This may enable the consumer to accurately and readily determine the situation of the supply, even when the consumer shouldn’t be readily capable of hear the sound independently of the head-mountable machine,” says the patent. “By additional instance, the detected audio inputs may be rendered with audio outputs that emphasize (e.g., amplify) sure sounds over others to assist the consumer distinguish between totally different sounds.”

This patent is credited to 3 inventors — Killian J. Poore, Stephen E. Dey, and Trevor J. Ness. Every of those additionally labored collectively on a earlier patent utility to enhance how customers would possibly see higher in low mild utilizing “Apple Glass.”


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