Biden Is President-Elect But He Almost Blew It

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Joe Biden could also be president elect, however he after which Democrats didn’t generate the “blue wave” that might have swept 9 battleground states. As a substitute, he has squeaked by in 4 and marginally gained one other three. He has due to this fact left the door open for Donald Trump to say victory on “authorized votes”. Given the likelihood of recounts, court docket battles and an ensuing impasse, nothing is off the desk. So one may conclude that Joe Biden nearly blew it.

The extent of the failure politically could be measured by the whole silence from Republicans on Biden’s win. Apart from George Bush and Senators Mitt Romney and Lisa Murkowski, none have acknowledged the Biden victory. As a substitute, Senators Lindsay Graham and Ted Cruz have joined the Trump offensive on authorized votes and they’re vociferously difficult the thought of a Biden win.

Can Trump pull this authorized vote via and stage a comeback? Sadly, the quick reply is sure, the lengthy reply is that it might take loads of gumption by Republicans or courts or each to take action. Provided that the election doesn’t should be licensed by the Congress till January 6, Trump’s technique is delay, delay, delay.

So, arising:

– Recounts in Georgia, Wisconsin, Arizona are unlikely to vary outcomes however will trigger delays.

– Transfer the courts now and after recount. Course of will result in additional delays.

Then there may very well be three eventualities:

1) The Supreme Court docket intervenes and helps Trumps declare – low risk however not unlikely.

2) The state legislatures that management Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin elects a distinct set of electors – may occur however Democrat Governors may block that.

3) A continued impasse due to the above. Election goes to the Home Of Consultant on the idea of 1 vote per state. Republicans have extra states. Trump wins.

These could seem outlandish, however given Trump’s lack of respect for precedents, norms and the Republican celebration’s grovelling obeisance, they can’t be dominated out. For Republicans, Trump is the flag-bearer; what he did on this election, from their viewpoint, is superb. Not solely the narrowness of the electoral defeat, however the truth that he helped Republicans down the road to remain in energy throughout the Senate and in states.

Frankly, for greater than two weeks, the winds of change have been within the air and as an alternative of dumping Trump and Trumpism as soon as and for all, the lackadaisical Biden marketing campaign appears to have wasted a billion {dollars} in leaving Trump and right-wing nationalism in all probability higher off than it was in 2016. Perhaps it wasn’t all Biden’s fault, however combating hearth with mild civility and promoting that solely reached out to liberals was a waste.

Take Florida, whose victory gave Trump the center to say he had gained early on Tuesday night time. It ought to have been a Biden win. Even The New York Instances mentioned that if polls have been as improper at 2016 (see beneath), Biden would win by +2. As a substitute the Democrats had their worst loss in current historical past. The Hispanics left the Democrats in droves, one thing that occurred to a lesser extent throughout the nation, and Whites consolidated round Trump.


Supply: The New York Instances

Whereas angst in opposition to Trump could have flipped Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan, placing Biden over the end line, there was no coattail impact for Democrats. Within the very suburbs of Pennsylvania that Biden gained, Republicans in Congressional and state elections held agency. Republicans truly gained 5 seats within the Home of Representatives and stopped, not less than for now, the Senate altering palms.

Within the Senate, nearly each projection was that the Democrats would are available with not less than a small majority. As a substitute, the Republicans, primarily due to Trump, robustly defended their territory holding Iowa, Montana and Maine (although Susan Collins herself was an element) and doubtless North Carolina, amongst these predicted to fall. With no Senate management, Biden’s agenda will once more depend upon Mitch McConnell, the Republican Majority chief, because it did in 2012-2014. Which may imply a do-nothing-Congress for two years, till 2022 when Republicans can hope that the pattern of the celebration of the President dropping will proceed. And if Trump, by some authorized jugglery, manages to stay President, then count on extra conservatives within the judiciary and no oversight.

The catastrophe within the states is as vital. After each census, as has simply occurred, state legislatures are redefining constituency boundaries. The celebration in energy within the states resorts to one thing like gerrymandering. They’d, for instance, pack all registered Democrats in a few constituencies after which guarantee Republican majorities in the remainder of the districts. The Republicans, by their management of state homes, have been very profitable at this, and that is likely one of the causes that almost all of state homes stay Republican. So though Biden could win Georgia, the state home is not going to vary palms.


On this election, Republicans gained full management of two extra states, taking their tally to 22 with 2 to return. Democrats management 15 and 11 are blended, the place the home and governor are from totally different events (like Michigan).

The influence of it will final for a decade, affect elections to the Home of Representatives and the states. In 2010, the Republicans used this very efficiently to assist engineer their comeback within the Home in 2012 although 2018. Having misplaced a internet of 5 seats within the Home this yr, the possibilities of dropping the Home once more for a lot of the decade goes to be excessive.

Already, the failure of the Democrats to win decisively is bringing out the fissures inside the celebration. The celebration management in Congress is already blaming the progressives’ stance on defunding the police, for dropping assist and their incapacity to win extra. That has put Consultant Alexandria Ocario Cortez of New York on the warpath claiming lack of assist and that progressives gained their seats. Which may be so, however in areas the place solely average Democrats win, the leftward swing would appear to have damage, particularly with Trump blasting the Democrats for promising “socialism”.

It does not matter whether or not that and defunding was true or not, it appears to have been sufficient to push many whites into straying in the direction of Republican and Hispanics, particularly from “socialist counties” like Cuba and Venezuela, and dumping the Democrats. Whereas early exit polls, like all different polls could be improper, they do clearly present that:

– Extra Whites who constituted 66% of voters voted for Trump now than in 2016

– Extra White girls voted for Trump than in 2016

– Extra Hispanics voted for Trump than in 2016

It is a good pattern for Republicans and a worrying one for Democrats. As one commentator put, the Democrats have misplaced the working class White some time in the past, and now appear to be on monitor to lose even minority working class assist.

Lastly for Trump, why should not he battle this to the bitter finish? With court docket instances and Revenue Tax claims hanging over his head, he could as nicely go for broke. If he fails, he can all the time pardon himself from all Federal ‘crimes’ and hope that judges he has appointed will see him via the opposite instances.

Because the Hindi phrase goes “marta kya na karta”.

(Ishwari Bajpai is Senior Advisor at NDTV.)

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