Salman Khan will again open the report card in front of all the contestants for the entire week in the television reality show Bigg Boss, New Delhi today. It is quite entertaining to see Salman in Weekend War every weekend as there are many twists and turns in this episode. Today, while Salman Khan will reprimand everyone, Sultani is also going to open the doors of the arena.

In the upcoming weekend of Bigg Boss, Salman is going to show that after giving a week-long report to all the contestants, he summons two contestants in the Sultani Arena who are at home. This riot is not going to happen between anyone but actress Mahira Sharma and TV anchor Shefali Bagga. Firstly, there is a fierce competition between Shefali and Mahira, where both of them shower each other very well. After which both are dropped in the arena for the last point.

In the beginning of this video, Shefali Bagga seems to be dominating Mahira, but later it is shown that Mahira has portrayed Shefali in a very good way. Shefali is also shown in the video as saying to Mahira that ‘You speak is very good, but now you do as much as you speak’.

Let us tell you that from the beginning of the show, there is a rift between the two for some reason. Both Shefali and Mahira are protected from this week’s nomination process. Salman Khan is stunned along with the family by seeing the excellent performance of Mahira Sharma in the Sultani Arena. Later Salman Khan also advises Siddharth to stay away from Mahira.

By winning in this arena, Mahira has also received a medal along with a power card, which is going to be very helpful further.


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