Dream Girl Cast: Ayushmann Khurrana, Nushrat Bharucha, Annu Kapoor, Vijay Raaz, Manjot Singh, Abhishek Banerjee, Rajesh Sharma, Nidhi Bisht and Raj Bhansali

Dream Girl Director: Raaj Shaandilyaa

Dream Girl Rating: 3.5/5

Dream Girl Movie Review: Men in drag has evoked unlimited laughter in television comedy shows, so someone took the 10-minute act of Gutthi / Rinku Bhabhi / Sapna and placed it in the celluloid for 132 minutes and here it is! We have Dream Girl. But having said that director Raaj Shaandilyaa and actor Ayushmann Khurrana manage to keep their attention and generate some genuine laughs in the process. Ayushmann Khurrana is a guy who struggles to find work and, part-time, plays Sita and Radha for the local Ram Leela and Ras Leela in Mathura’s Gokul. Your search ends when you get a job at a local “friendship” call center where you talk to people posing as a girl named Puja. Unlikely characters from different walks of life begin to call him and fall in love with his female voice. From a poet-policeman brilliantly played by Vijay Raaz to his own brother-in-law played by Abhishek Banerjee (the fame of Stree Bicky Pleej), everyone loves Puja. But all the hells are lost when, struck by Puja’s voice, an unexpected candidate enters the field already full of his suits. This opens a pandora’s box as relationships mix and confusion creates fun situations. Drilling lines keep coming one after another and many of them tickle.

Dreamgirl writer and director, Raaj Shaandilyaa, with co-writers Nirman D Singh and Niket Pandey create hilarious twists and turns that lead to a rather disappointing and predictable ending. However, the deciding factor is the way Raaj Shaandilyaa handled awkward situations, especially in the first half, and the perfect performances of his cast, including Annu Kapoor, Vijay Raaz, Nushrat Bharucha, Manjot Singh, Abhishek Banerjee, Rajesh Sharma, Nidhi Bisht and Raj Bhansali. Ayushmann Khurrana leads the pack with an effortless act. It is perfect as Puja. Having mastered the art of life’s movies, Ayushmann Khurrana could walk asleep through this role.

However, the film does not answer some very important questions it raises. The film shows how in the era of connectivity and social networks, loneliness has infiltrated everyone’s heart and now we are barely social. Families are becoming disjoint and people take more selfies than family photos. But the answer is lost in the hurried and weak climax.

The performances of a joint cast remain above the board: Ayushmann Khurrana performs a commendable and self-confident act, despite working with a character that is not entirely well developed. Annu Kapoor, Vijay Raaz, Abhishek Bannerjee and Manjot Singh join the comic element. Nushrat Bharucha and Rajesh Sharma are effective.

The script and the dialogues of the movie Dream Girl are its strength. Watch it during a moment of light, laughs and see if you have a real Puja (friend) in your life or a “priya angel”.

In the end, the movie slips into a message about loneliness, friends of social networks and having someone to talk to. Despite the flaws, “Dream Girl” tries to show the protagonist in a different light, and manages to entertain in parts.


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