Flipkart has begun to implement its video streaming service for Android users. It offers the new service for free to users, allowing them to watch movies, TV shows and other video content for free. The partners for Flipkart video content are Viu, Dice Media, TVF, Arre and Voot. The content is classified into different sections according to languages ​​and genres.

Like Amazon Prime Video, NetFlix and other streaming services, Flipkart offers curated and customized video content for the Indian audience. However, the Flipkart video streaming service does not yet have a name, it is expected to be called “Flick”. The company said it is focusing on attracting customers who are in the 20-30 year age group and people who consume a lot of content.

The new service is currently being implemented for users through the Flipkart application for Android. In addition, it is also available for non-Flipkart Plus users for free. Since it is being implemented gradually, it may take some time to be available to everyone.

Earlier, commenting on the launch of its video service, the executive director of the Flipkart group, Kalyan Krishnamurthy, said:


“We believe that great content if made available to a broader consumer base, especially those who are new to e-commerce but not on the Internet, can incorporate them daily and help eliminate any anxiety they may have towards purchases in line. Customers should not pay extra for premium content.

We want to make sure that a user keeps coming to the platform every day. Over time, we will discover how this relates to the e-commerce ecosystem, but today that is not the objective. It’s just to ensure that the consumer is hooked to Flipkart. ”

Indian e-commerce player Flipkart has begun to implement its new video service. Instead of launching a dedicated application, the company has integrated the service into its application. The company made the announcement last week and mentioned that its free video service will be offered to its 160 million customers.

While this seems to be a move to face its biggest competitor, Amazon India with its Prime Video service, Flipkart has not yet confirmed what all content customers can expect. However, he mentioned that there are still no plans to venture into the original content. From what we’ve noticed, the dedicated videos section in the Flipkart app currently offers a handful of movies, as well as content from Arre, Dice Media, TVF and Voot.

With that, the company also launched a new Ideas section that is said to offer selected content feeds to help customers choose the right and right products online.

To access the video service, you must update to the latest version of the Flipkart application, which is version 6.17. Simply go to the Google Play Store and update the application. Once you have the latest update, open the application and press the menu section in the upper left and you should see the new Video option. The first time you open the section, you will be asked to choose at least three videos from a list so that the application can offer a customized and selected catalog of movies and TV shows.

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Currently, the video section has included a lot of content from creators, including Arre, Dice Media, TVF and Voot, according to the report. To begin, the application asks users to choose a minimum of three videos and, depending on them, they will be presented with a curated list of movie and television program content. The playback interface is similar to other popular OTT services, but there is still no option to download videos for offline viewing.

Flipkart also launched the “Ideas” section that will serve as a discovery tool for new product customers. Users have to select a minimum of five interests to start curating. After that, the application will list several recommendations in the form of images, GIFs, videos, stories, quizzes and surveys.


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