A Twitter user and software developer, Zusor, has introduced a new plugin for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox that will allow you to use the old Twitter interface for desktop. It’s called GoodTwitter. Separately, there is a guide available for users who do not want to use the plugin to return to the old Twitter web interface, but it is more a temporary solution.

So far, GoodTwitter has been downloaded by thousands of Chrome and Firefox users, attracting some strong reviews on Reddit. The development states that the add-in does not read user navigation data. To that end, the developer has also published the source code on GitHub. The Chrome Web Store is where you can download it for Chrome, and Firefox users should go to the Firefox Add-in Manager.

Separately, The Verge reports a DIY method to recover the old Twitter, but it is more a temporary solution that will disappear when you reload the application. To get the previous interface, simply open Twitter and follow this script: click (…) More in the menu on the left. Go to Settings and privacy> About Twitter> Directory. A new Twitter tab will open, click on Start and you will find the previous user interface.

Twitter recently redesigned the interface for its version of the website, saying the new look is faster and easier to navigate, but many people don’t like it.

The new version comes with an expanded section of Direct Messages and the ability to allow users to switch between accounts faster and directly from side navigation. It comes with new dark themes: Dim and Lights Out.

As part of the redesign, while the Start, Scan, Notification and Messages options have shifted to the left of the desktop, the trends section has moved to the right of the screen.

How to get old Twitter interface back on web

As soon as you log in to the new version, you will notice that the command menu has moved to the left. The trend column, on the other hand, has moved to the right side of the feed. The new interface no longer shows your tweets or followers count. The only way to verify that data is to see their profile page. Twitter’s decision to move the trend section to the right has irritated many users. As with any system redesign, there is also a way to return to the new interface.

According to The Next Web, GoodTwitter has been downloaded by almost 35,000 Chrome and Firefox users. He has also received excellent reviews on Reddit. While this little trick takes you back to the old Twitter interface, it’s not a permanent solution. You will have to manually visit the Directory to switch to an older interface. While it is a small cost to pay for a solution that could make Twitter useful and familiar as before.


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