CRM software is an application which helps in maintaining interactions of customers with the companies. CRM stands for CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT. As from the name, we can derive that CRM software has role linked with companies and their customers. CRM is used to engage customers towards the companies and help the companies by targeting the needs of customers. Thus which creates interaction between the current and potential customers with the companies. CRM software thus increases the sales efficiency in the business as well as in balancing the trust of their customers.

There are numbers of CRM Software available which can be used by business companies for targeting the customers and thus giving companies a new face, a new height. CRM works by collecting the data and information of communication channels which may include company’s website, email id, marketing materials, live chat and most important among them is social media, of which no one is unaware. So in this way, the compilation of data and information by the CRM software helps companies in knowing their needs and targets them easily.

Here are the benefits of using CRM software

It increases the sales efficiency of the company.
It maintains customer care services.
It provides customized products and services.
Its best feature is its capability of targeting profitable customers.
It improves the pricing and is itself affordable in nature.

Some of the best Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools are

Salesforce essentials
HubSpot CRM
FreshsalesCRM CRM
Bpm’online CRM
Zoho CRM

Customer Relationship Management is the base or nucleus of business management. The best CRM Software for small business is Salesforce. It is the best CRM software for enterprise and costs about $25 a month. The best CRM software among all is Zoho. This software can be used for all activities and costs about $12 per month. While Hubspot is the best software which is available for $50 a month. Hubspot helps the small entrepreneurs and members to get easily the CRM solutions. “ While a CRM system may not elicit as much enthusiasm these days as social networking platforms like Facebook or Twitter, any CRM system is similarly built around people and relationships”- Jennifer Burnham, Marketer.



Add your Salespeople The first step while using a CRM software is to add users. The earlier you will get reps on your team using your CRM software, the data will be more comprehensive and accurate.


Customize your settings Your CRM software should reveal your sales process which means that it should accurately maps to the stages a customer goes through leads to the customer. You have to create custom properties before you try to import any existing data or information to your CRM Software.


Import your contact, companies and deals Since different CRM Software are being used for tracking all records and prospective. Mostly CRM Software will have this option by uploading a CSV file. For this each column in your spreadsheet must have match contact in your CRM, so the import of data can be done in flow from your old system to new.


Integrate your tools. The information about sales, customer and marketing should be collected in your CRM Software. This takes place in the form of these steps: Collection of leads from the form builder – now put those leads on your email so that they can be nurtured by Marketing – now export qualified leads to your CRM. This entire process is flawless and will provide efficient results. Hubspot CRM is one of the best CRM software to be used here.


Setup your dashboard Setting up your dashboard will act as control panel which you can customize according to your needs. It will help in keeping teams performance aligned towards the right direction.


Enable reports Reports should be created on daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly basis. As the reports should spend time in selling as much as possible. These are the ways which you have to follow for using CRM software for the upliftment of your business as well as maintaining interaction with your old and new customers.


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