The Indians who make waves in various fields around the world are not new, and the last to appear on that list is Aseem Suri from New Delhi, who has joined the prominent Irene Mamiye studios in New York as the leading multimedia producer . Irene Mamiye is a renowned Franco-American artist, whose layered works have been exhibited on CBS television, Calvin Klein, New York, the September 11 National Museum and Monument and the headquarters of Sumitomo Corporation of America, among others, and invited Aseem, a graduate of the Indian Institute of Technology and Berklee College of Music in Boston, to work together.

Aseem says: “I am working on some very interesting pieces in Irene’s study. Adapting and spreading from her vast body of work, the definitions of medium and role continue to change depending on the intention of the piece, so, while in one project I could be working with sound, in another I would be working with motion detection and 3D modeling scenes. This fluency makes the work even more exciting.

Mamiye’s extensive work, which includes digital images, videos and furniture designs, has been widely exhibited in the United States and presented in Architectural Digest, Interior Design Magazine, Vanity Fair, People Magazine, Elle Décor and InStyle.

Kennedy Greenway for FIGMENT, the main interactive public art festival in Boston. He received the coveted Roland Endowed Scholarship scholarship for excellence and art in music technology, and outstanding achievements in music synthesis, and the Robert Moog Award for excellence in sound design and sound art at Berklee, Suri’s work under the winner of the Edison Christopher Award Janney resulted in “The slice of MIT,” a highly acclaimed interactive installation LIGHT SHADOW: MLK, on ​​permanent display in Cambridge, MA.

One of the most sought-after multimedia producers and designers of its generation in the global music industry, Aseem often works together with other renowned international artists, musicians and producers. Suri was the Technical Director of the Oasis multimedia / musical installation, which was exhibited at the prestigious Convention and Exhibition Center in Boston, one of the largest exhibition centers in the United States. His other collaborative work, OPERAND, was exhibited at the Rose

His first project for Irene Mamiye Studios, he informs us, is an “interactive multimedia piece TE ESCUCHO”. Its objective is to recreate the audio surveillance in an immersive ecological tapestry for the configuration of the gallery. I hear you will be shown at Harvest’s prestigious exhibition of works on Governors Island in New York.


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