On August 21, 2019, cute TV couple Jay Bhanushali and Mahhi Vij welcomed a girl. For almost a month they have been asking their social media followers to suggest a name. Mahhi had previously shared a photo with his baby and wrote: “Now that we have our beautiful daughter’s alphabet, suggest a name that begins with T or M. # names # daughter #love #babynamesuggestions @ijaybhanushali.”

While on Sunday, Jay posted a picture with his daughter and captioned the post that said: “Burping your little one is probably the best satisfaction I’ve found. Tired hands, sleepy eyes, but your daughter on your shoulder is priceless … finally Tom me and @mahhivij we will reveal his name that we have decided … thank you all for the suggestion that we have a total of 20 thousand names and finally, after reading all your messages, tom is the day for give my PRINCESS a name. #father #baby names #babygirl #baby #babylove ”

Now, finally, Jay and Mahhi named their daughter Tara and announced it on Instagram. Jay wrote: “First of all, thank you all for the blessing and good wishes for my baby … over 20 thousand comments and finally I and @mahhivij have finally decided on his name, so please welcome him to “TARA JAY BHANUSHALI”, star of our eyes and my life #proudfather #father #fatherdaughter #fatheranddaughter #newborn #newdad #dad #daddy #daddysgirl #tiktok #tiktokgirls @tiktok @indiatiktok ”

Tara is Jay and Mahhi’s first biological son. In 2017, the couple adopted the children of their caregivers and decided to raise them as their own. According to reports, Mahhi is in his last quarter. And Jay pampers his wife to the fullest. From satisfying her cravings to massaging her feet, Jay is doing everything with a big smile.

While Mahhi wrote: “We are blessed without measure to announce the name of our sweet and lovely little angel TARA JAY BHANUSHALI. Never in our lives have our hearts felt this incredible amount of joy.” baby #name #love thanks to my family urges ”

Mahhi was last seen at Balika Vadhu, while Jay Bhanushali was last seen as the host of The Voice India Kids. Jay is currently presenting a reality show based on the singing for the Superstar Singer children.


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