Kasautii Zindagii Kay 2 Written Update August 14: In the latest episode of Star Plus’ most popular show Kasautii Zindagii Kay 2, Nivedita wonders about Mr. Bajaj’s comments on Prerna when he gets angry with him for neglecting his daughter Kuki. In the last episode, Mr. Bajaj, played by Karan Singh Grover, lashed out on Prerna aka Erica Fernandez when he could not find Kuki in the house. He tells Prerna that he has married her only for his daughter and she should not forget this. The statement disturbs Nivedita (Pooja Banerjee) and she blurts this out in front of Anurag (Parth Samthaan).

Anurag can’t believe. Mr. Bajaj says it was his revenge for Anurag’s actions. Nivedita can’t believe and yells at Bajaj. She scolds the lawyer too. Bajaj tells him how he planned everything against Anurag. Mohini says he will not let him into the house. Bajaj smiles and leaves. Prerna arrives there and is surprised to see what Bajaj had done.

Just when Anurag enters his mother’s room, he hears Nivedita saying that Mr Bajaj was very rude with Prerna. This angers Anurag and he instantly goes to find Mr. Bajaj and questions him about why he insulted Prerna. While Anurag is angry with Prerna for not marrying him, he still deeply cares for her. While finding Mr. Bajaj, Anurag finds Prerna and asks him about Mr. Bajaj. When she asks why he is searching for him, Anurag reveals his displeasure about Mr. Bajaj insulting her. He tries to make her understand that she doesn’t have to be afraid of Mr. Bajaj and that he is always with her. On the other hand, Mr. Bajaj spends time with his daughter Kuki. He confesses to her that he should not have shouted on Prerna and insulted her. He realizes that he should apologize to her.

Kasautii Zindagi Kay’s episode begins with Prerna worrying about Anurag and Mr. Bajaj while they are together. Mr. Bajaj tells of his plan to move to the Basu house. Anurag says that only Prerna is allowed in the house. Mr. Bajaj tells them that he has bought the Basu house.

Coming back to Anurag and Prerna, he tries to make her understand that she is his family and he wants to protect her. However, Prerna takes the side of her husband Mr. Bajaj. She clearly states that Mr. Bajaj is her husband and he can talk to her in any way he wants. She also advocates for Mr. Bajaj that whatever he said was in anger and he reacted in the correct way. She revealed that she was careless with Kuki and deserved that. Anurag is not ready to buy her story and asked her to say that she doesn’t love him while looking him in the eye. Anurag and Prerna share an intimate moment.

Then, Nivedita still wonders about Bajaj’s comments about Prerna. She shares them with her husband Anupam, who in turn advises her to let Prerna and Anurag decide for themselves what they want to do. On the other hand, Prerna remembers what Anurag told him. She thinks about how Anurag called her family. Anurag also remembers the intimate moment he shared with Prerna and tells his sister Nivedita that he still loves him. He confesses that he could feel that Prerna loves him.

Bajaj calls his family and she asks him to calm down and he tells them to pack and move to Anurag’s house.

Anurag is angry with his lawyer. Nivedita talks to her family lawyer who tells them that he will take care of the situation. Anurag promises to destroy Bajaj. Bajaj tells Prerna that they are moving to Basu’s house and she asks him why he was doing it. She blames herself for all that.


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