Katrina Kaif talks about her equation with the co-star of Bharat, Salman Khan, and how it is important for her to evolve.

Katrina Kaif is excited to play Kumud in the direction of Ali Abbas Zafar Bharat.

In this interview with indianexpress.com, Katrina talks about her equation with the co-star of Bharat, Salman Khan, and how it is important for her to evolve.

You have given the most hits with Salman Khan. What does the audience of the two of you like?

For Bharat, Salman and I have only thought about what our characters mean to each other and the story of the film.

I think the most important thing for me is that I do not have to worry about anything else. I can not comment on how other people feel and see it. What I did for Bharat when I got on board is to come absolutely without luggage, or any experience of any movie we both have done before. All I wanted to do and what I have done is to do as much as possible to the role of Kumud. So we work a lot in Kumud.

And the days when the cameras were not shooting or if we had a break, of course, Ali and Salman, as we had worked together in Tiger Zinda Hai, we had a lovely sense of fun and friendship. So perhaps that level of comfort also helps in the chemistry of our films together.

15 years in the industry, and you have had an amazing career graph. Now if you look back, how has it been for you?

It is very cumbersome and heavy to look back. So, I do not really look back. I just try to be here and look forward. Now what is done is done. Even when things have been wonderful and fantastic for me, I’m just waiting for what comes next. I had a lot of fun, and I have to be part of some amazing movies, play some amazing roles and work with the best people in the industry. But now I just hope what I want to do from now on.

I want to be in places and in groups that give me the opportunity to play an exciting role. I think I’ve marked most of the other boxes of what I wanted to do when I started as an actor. Even then I was very clear about what I wanted to do and the kind of movies I wanted to do. I knew what I wanted to see myself. And I was able to do all that. Now it’s about what I want to do in the next phase of my career and my life.

With every film, people have recognised the actor in you, the latest being Zero. Would you say you have evolved with every film?

I think it’s wonderful. Growth is important in the life of any person and in any profession in which they find themselves. It must grow and evolve in some way. It is important how people saw my trip say from New York, Namaste London, Rajneeti and now, if they see my work differently, they say in Zero or Bharat. I am happy to be growing in my profession.

You have portrayed a number of characters on screen, but is there still a dream role that you want to play?

I think I respond instinctively to the scripts. When a director arrives, they tell a story and you answer. It’s literally that simple. There is nothing preconceived in my head that now I will only make a period film, an action movie or a comedy movie. I will only respond to the story if it connects with me.

What is your biggest take away from love, life and work?

Everything is unpredictable. You will never know what is going to happen. So I believe in giving my best and not putting too much emphasis on the future. It’s about enjoying what it is today and trying to do what I’m doing now to the best of my ability.

How do you manage the constant scrutiny on social media?

It’s okay. Everything is an integral part of my life. There have been times in my life where I have felt panic about media articles. It would scare me, it would make me nervous and I would suffer. Later I realized that it just does not matter. Your audience will love you if they love you. They will not love you or love you for what is written. They will resonate with what they see on the screen and they will support you for what you do on the screen. And, of course, there is an element of the person you are. You just have to be faithful to who you are and what you do. Nothing matters. The truth always comes out. If people will like you, they will like you.

You entered Bollywood as an outsider and made a pretty enviable place for yourself in the industry. Do you revisit those days? How do you feel about it?

No. Because if I do it, then there’s a lot to think about. But yes, it happens if I see something I did when I started or when an ad or video clip of my initial work is online. I laugh about that. When these things come up, I think about the head space I was in and everything feels weird now. But above all, I had a really great time.


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