Director Santhakumar returned after almost a decade and this time, with a quick plot starring Arya, Indhuja Ravichandran and Mahima Nambiar in leading roles. “It’s a story that will make the public think,” he says.

Magamuni is different from Mounaguru, according to Santhakumar. “I have kept away from anything similar and consciously made it look and feel different from my previous brand. The film is about the daily struggles of a family man. It is a story based on characters. Each character is unique and contributes to the plot. The female protagonists are different from the heroines you see on the screen. Although there are three songs, they are relevant to the plot and will not stand out. “He adds:” Although it is a film for the family audience, I doubt that the children connect with it. There is a lot of tension that builds up through the plot. ”

The director, who has assisted in films such as Gilli, Dil and Dhool, debuted in 2011 with Mounaguru, the story of an angry young man played by Arulnidhi. Santhakumar believes in the strength of a good story than anything else. “My movies are based on the story; I do not believe in giving them an openly commercial treatment. I prefer to call them evolved commercial cinema, where I make people get excited, laugh and cry, and also affect their psyche. I think that’s where I make a difference as a director, “he says.

“Arya plays a family man who does odd jobs for a living. Indhuja plays his wife and mother of a five-year-old boy. The crux of the story is how these characters address challenging and life-threatening moments in their lives. Mahima Nambiar plays a journalism student, ”reveals the director. The film, produced by Studio Green K E Gnanavel Raja, also has big names like Ilavarasu and Jeyaprakash, Rohini and Kali Venkat. The music is from S S Thaman, who also worked at Mounaguru. “He is very talented, he understands the soul of the movie,” adds Santhakumar.

There is a reason why it took the man eight years to start working on his second film. He often makes extensive solo trips to investigate the soul and writes his stories during these trips. “It took me 14 years to make my first movie. I like loneliness and that’s when I sit and conceive stories. Traveling opens the horizon. In the future, I can make a movie completely about travel. I think I have also grown in these many years inside. I feel that Magamuni has come out better than Mounaguru. ”

Santhakumar says that Arya has done a double role and appears in three different looks in the film. “That was partly why it took 55 days of filming. He had to let a lot of hair grow for a particular appearance. We have filmed on the plains of Kanchipuram and the elevated grounds of the Erode district. ”

“Arya was one of the first actors that came to my mind once I finished the story. When I approached him, I also thought I could do it. He has done a lot of hard work and that can be seen on the screen, ”he adds. “In the choice of female protagonists, I wanted someone who is not particular about the glamorous image of heroin. I liked Indhuja’s screen presence in Meyadha maan. And even Mahima can be seen in a different role. ”

Santhakumar, who grew up in Tiruppuvanam near Madurai, says that his formative years of living in a large joint family shaped the director. “I studied in half a dozen schools, some in remote villages before moving to Madurai to study at American College. Later, moving to Chennai opened a completely new world for me. Wherever I am, I try to observe the place and its people from the perspective of a stranger. That keeps the traveler alive in me. I don’t belong anywhere, but I take something from everywhere. ”


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