There is something about Ayushmann Khurrana. Something that has helped him to quickly climb the ladder, something that makes him a brilliant human. And something that makes every character of his so identifiable. It is underestimated, in many ways, a puppy. He was ruled out as a failure actor when his three releases, after the hit debut film Vicky Donor, failed. But then Dum Laga Ke Haisha came and there was no going back for him.

With a long list of films that have won the public and critics alike, Ayushmann Khurrana has changed the way the industry sees him as an actor. You can confidently assume any role, the more diverse, the better. An actor who keeps the script above everything else has become one of Bollywood’s bravest actors. From laughing at his own jokes to being a true enthusiast, Ayushmann has much more than just his remarkable success graph.

So what makes it stand out? On the occasion of Ayushmann’s 35th birthday, this is what the filmmakers with whom he has recently collaborated believe they are his strengths, and also reveal some secrets.

Anubhav Sinha – Article 15

Article 15 of Anubhav Sinha saw Ayushmann emerging from his comic and peculiar image to interpret a meaningless policeman.

Strengths: When talking about why he is among the elect, Anubhav says: “His greatest strength is all that matters to him is the script. Also, for him, the success of a movie lasts only about a week and then continues. ”

Why he made the cut for Article 15: “Ayushmann was the most suitable because he believed passionately in the subject and the script,” says Anubhav about signing the actor for a film that was far from his established image.

A peculiar habit of the actor: “Ayushmann believes he is following a regulated diet while enjoying all the food on offer. He is an enthusiast like me,” Anubhav laughs.

Amar Kaushik – Bala

Strengths: “Ayushman is a very strong and brave actor. He has a huge amount of willingness to experiment and has a great understanding of sensibilities. However, his humility is his greatest strength, which makes him a complete winner, “says the director.

Why did the cut for Bala: Amar says: “Because of the way our script was formed, we knew it was Ayushmann who best suited the character.”

A peculiar habit of the actor: Ayushmann’s secret weapon is sleeping. “It’s fun to work with him. Make sure everyone is well fed on the set. Outside the set, you need your 8 hours of sleep, no matter what. Even on the set, you can take 5-minute naps and look so fresh. Actually, sometimes I was jealous of him for his nap power. ”

RS Prasanna – Shubh Mangal Saavdhan

Strengths: “The learnings of his years when his films did not work, that is his strength,” says the director, “He turned those years into wonderful learning. That has given birth to the new Ayushmann you see now. He just returned to his tastes. and disgust as a person, his instinct. After all, he debuted with the riskiest Vicky Donor and won big. Shubh Mangal Saavdhan reached a crucial point in his filmography. His greatest quality lies in constantly learning from his mistakes, being extremely self-critical and not take anything for granted. He is extremely hardworking and focused, and he takes his job very seriously. ”

Why did it fit the paper? “It’s funny how things change in two years at the box office; it’s a perception-oriented industry. When I decided to work with Ayushmann two years ago, some asked me why him. Are you sure? Why not a big star? For me, he was the great star, “says Prasanna,” and now the same people say that Ayushmann is a great star. He was always my first choice. Along with what he brings as an actor, he brings intelligence about a script. he is a strategist, he understands scripts and trends, how the world around him changes. I went to him without a script, just the concept of my original Tamil Kalyaana movie Samayal Saadham. He immediately loved it and couldn’t wait to hear the script. Ayushmann is like Akshay Kumar and Aamir Khan, always keeping the script above all, now he has created an image that filmmakers think Ayushmann will make any taboo subject in the world!

A peculiar habit of the actor: “Ayushmann has a very childish sense of humor, which I really like. As soon as he jokes, he laughs immediately and laughs out loud. It’s like its self defense mechanism, it doesn’t give anyone a second to react. Finally, everyone starts laughing. He loves all his pajamas and puns and doesn’t let anyone have the time to feel that it wasn’t a good joke. It is full of positive energy and seriousness, which makes it a delight both on screen and outside it, ”reveals the director.


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