On Sunday, on World Social Media Day, actress Ananya Panday announced her new Digital Social Responsibility (DSR) initiative against online bullying. The initiative called So Positive is created to build a community to create maximum awareness about harassment in social networks. Sharing the news with her followers, Ananya posted a video on social media, urging people to stop creating hate on social media platforms.

The actress Ananya Panday has launched a special initiative, “so positive” against harassment in social networks on the occasion of World Social Media Day.

The objective of the initiative is to raise awareness about harassment in social networks and introduce measures that victims can take to face it.

The 20-year-old actress, who made her Bollywood debut with Student of the Year 2, announced her new initiative “So Positive” as Digital Social Responsibility (DSR) on her social media accounts.

“A part of growing up is taking responsibility and like a millenium awakener, Ananya Panday I present all of you to my initiative of Digital Social Responsibility ‘So +'”, subtitled the video in which she is seen talking about her personal problems with Harassment in social networks. .

“They wrote that you are too thin … You have no talent and you are too tall They wrote that you are flying with your father’s money … You are a product of nepotism They wrote that you need implants … They call me ‘sobre-ki’ dukan ‘and a fashion disaster, they wrote about my mom, my dad, and even about my little sister and my friends, they accused me of being a liar.

“Just for a moment, I thought about who they are … They are nothing without a face, without identifying and without checking accounts of newly created social networks … The thugs of social networks and I thought why I. Why would someone You do not even know me? Do you pass on such unpleasant personal comments? In the end, I realized it was not me … It’s not just me, “Ananya said in the video.


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