Once in a blue moon: Facebook is actually right about something

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There are few issues the Macalope hates greater than Fb.

Hoof in mouth illness. Exhibiting as much as a know-how mascots reunion and discovering Clippy is already drunk. Simply Clippy generally. However excessive on that record is Fb.

At the very least partly as a result of Fb is the anti-Apple on a number of vital scales, not the least of which is privateness.

As chances are you’ll recall, Fb had an app that paid youngsters to let the corporate have root entry to their telephones. What may go improper with that? Most likely nice. Only for science. When that bought outraged out of existence the corporate then made an app that simply paid adults for the power to trace what apps they use and for a way lengthy and to probably entry a bunch of different stuff they mentioned they received’t have a look at. That app was solely on Android, thankfully, as a result of Apple slammed the door on them.

Then there’s the truth that Fb took out full-page advertisements in a collection of laughable assaults on Apple as a result of Apple is giving customers perception into and management over their information. In no universe is Fb proper on this and Apple improper. No, critically, the Macalope consulted a scryer and there aren’t any.

(Additionally, simply FYI, scryers are fairly terrible, too. Only a bunch of know-it-all jerks. “Oh, yeah, inform me about your 2020 March Insanity bracket once more. No, it’s a cool story, bro, and by no means tainted by the truth that YOU’RE A SCRYER, FOR CRYING OUT LOUD, OF COURSE YOU’D KNOW WHO’D WIN.”)

And that is simply the fights Fb has had with Apple. They’ve additionally executed some fairly dangerous issues to individuals and democracy. It’s a lengthy record.

So, it’s a exhausting behavior to kick to not reply to every thing Fb does negatively. And by “negatively” the Macalope means not simply flipping tables, however lighting them on fireplace after which sending the ashes to separate international locations for interring as in the event that they had been some type of vampire tables.


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