After revolutionizing the smartphone market, OnePlus is now turning its attention to the smart TV segment. And it is giving televisions the same approach that allowed it to transform itself and, in fact, rule the premium phone market: the art of providing first-line features and design at prices that are much more affordable than those charged by established players. This is best reflected in the Never Settling brand approach of two of the most important components of any television: image and audio. Or to be even more basic, sight and sound.

In terms of image quality, the OnePlus TV seems to be pointing to a completely new benchmark in the viewing experience. OnePlus television is expected to come with a large 55-inch screen. That in itself would impress some, considering that this is the first television of the brand, but in reality it is the quality of that massive screen that will probably make you speechless. For, the OnePlus TV does not come with a conventional LCD panel, but is equipped with a custom QLED panel. This panel comes with quantum dots (small semiconductor particles) that can offer richer and more vivid colors compared to traditional LED screens. However, OnePlus has taken a new turn to QLED, so much so that the QLED panel on OnePlus TV will have an incomparable range of colors in the industry. The color range of OnePlus TV can reach 113 percent under the standard? DCI-P3 and 120 percent under the NTSC standard, higher than the most advanced QLED panels on the market at this time. In simple English, that means that anyone who watches a OnePlus TV is likely to see richer colors and get much more detail than any other TV: you can see more textures and layers in the sky, the flowers will look much more colorful and so on.

All that wonderful technology will be packaged in a frame that will add a premium touch wherever it is placed, be it the living room, a conference room or a studio! Even the TV remote control is a work of art, designed in a delicious way, not overloaded with buttons and very compact, a reflection of OnePlus’s commitment to offer design excellence without being extravagant, taking advantage of minimalism to achieve maximum impact , both in terms of Performance and design.

OnePlus TV to unleash a sight and sound revolution

And working behind that QLED TV to make sure you get high quality images is the Gamma Color Magic chipset, an independent processor dedicated to image optimization. This works with the normal image processor to ensure the best possible image quality. Having an independent image processor is a premium standard for smart TV, and OnePlus TV will have it. The Gamma chip will seek to ensure cleaner and more uniform videos through the use of special algorithms to improve the resolution of the image and will also have a de-contour function that will solve the problems of bands that may be caused by insufficient color information. Sports enthusiasts will love the chip’s motion estimation and the motion compensation function that will offer even the most hectic action in the most fluid way.

But even the best moving images on television can lose their impact if they are not backed by high quality audio. OnePlus TV has that. In spades. It comes with eight speakers that offer 50 watts of high quality bass to rock in any room you are in. However, it’s not just hardware: OnePlus TV will support Dolby Vision ultra vivid image technology and Dolby Atmos surround audio. Legendary and industry-leading Dolby technologies will be combined with the OnePlus eco system to make OnePlus TV a source of entertainment.

And, of course, making sure that all this works with perfect inch accuracy is the Android TV software. OnePlus has worked with Google to optimize the standard Android TV experience and offer a smooth and intuitive interface for the TV. OnePlus TV users will also receive timely software updates for at least three years. As anyone who has used a OnePlus phone will attest, OnePlus has a formidable reputation when it comes to correcting errors and delivering software updates.

On September 26, and the world of smart TV will see a revolution in sight and sound. And it can never be established again.


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