Power drives you crazy: you forget the difference between good and evil, and don’t think twice before harming your loved ones. That is Prassthanam in a nutshell for you. Starring a cast of Sanjay Dutt, Ali Fazal, Satyajeet Dubey, Manisha Koirala, Jackie Shroff and Chunky Panday, among others, is a new version of a 2010 Telugu movie of the same name, and directed by the same director, Deva Katta.


A rural politician, Baldev Pratap Singh (Sanjay Dutt) marries a widow with children because of his loyalty to the lineage of his father-in-law. When building his own reign, he trusts his stepson more than his own in political matters, which bothers the latter. And, this tension gives rise to the most fascinating turn in history.


Sanjay Dutt is threatening as a politician and at the same time has a vulnerability that translates well on the screen. His dialogue with children and his assistants form the most entertaining fragments of the film. Ali Fazal has a good foot in the acting front and will remind you of him in Mirzapur. Even Jackie Shroff’s silent act as the henchman says a lot about his caliber. The biggest surprise is the newcomer Satyajeet Dubey, who stands firm in front of experienced artists, especially in the second half, who is more peaceful and more convincing.

However, the bad makeup and prostheses that make Dutt look like a ghost in flashback scenes are an eyesore. In addition, various badly adjusted songs kill the mood.

The romantic song between Ali and Amyra is fluctuating and almost feels like a completely different movie. Although the film is not intended to be intelligent, amplifying the background music so that the audience feels a certain way is a distraction. In addition, the creators could have used Jackie more, who had to perform a layered character without or with little dialogue.


Watch for the strong and uninhibited performances of Sanjay and Ali, which comes with an intoxicating mix of drama and action. The movie would have deserved half a star less if it wasn’t for Satyajeet Dubey. It is one of those to be careful!

Another thing that simply does not fit the story is the special appearance of Amyra Dastur and even more the unnecessary angle of love with Fazal. She comes to do her political thesis on “corruption in politics”, but after the introductory scene, she is not seen anywhere, she is not even shown investigating or writing a word.

Prassthanam ends with a thoughtful note that tells us to find the good and the bad within ourselves.


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