If Nick Jonas, Kevin Jonas and Joe Jonas are the Jonas Brothers, then their spouses Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Danielle Jonas and Sophie Turner are the J-Sisters and apparently it is our own PeeCee who coined the term. Speaking about his link, Priyanka told a website that the word “J-Sister” came to be at his bachelorette party.

With several pages of fans on social networks dedicated to the J sisters, actor Priyanka Chopra says she was the currency of the term. The trio consists of the wives of singers Nick, Joe and Kevin Jonas: Priyanka, actor Sophie Turner and jewelry designer Danielle Jonas.

Speaking about his bond, Priyanka told Indulge Express in an interview that the word “J-Sisters” came to be at his bachelorette party. “It could have been me. It actually happened at my bachelorette party. It started as a joke that if they are Jonas Brothers, we can be Jonas Sisters, since we were all three (Danielle, Sophie and Priyanka). It just became a thing, ”he said.

Priyanka also talked about how Game of Thrones star Sophie insists on being called her jethani. “My jethani-devrani? (Laughs out loud.) Sophie calls herself “jethani” (older sister in law). She says, you have to listen to me, I’m the jethani. She loves being a jethani, ”he said.

While Priyanka is 36, Sophie is 23. However, Nick is 27, while Kevin is 31 and Joe is 30. This makes the “jethanis” of Sophie and Danielle Priyanka. It is the Hindi word for the elder brother-in-law’s wife.

After the whole family joined in India for Priyanka’s wedding in December last year, they also met for Joe and Sophie’s wedding in the summer of this year. The couple married in a private ceremony in France.

Recently, Sophie was nominated for this year’s Emmy Awards in the Best Supporting Actress category for Game of Thrones. Priyanka wished him good luck on Instagram. “Sophie, our Emmy nominee! Good luck to our girl tonight, ”he wrote in his Instagram stories.

In addition to Priyanka, Joe also shared a sincere message for his wife. He wrote: “I am very proud of you. You are nominated for an Emmy! You are amazing. I love you. Nick Jonas also congratulated Sophie. “8 seasons of brilliant work. Congratulations on your Emmy nomination, ”Nick wrote.

Priyanka, Danielle and Sophie share an incredible and loving bond with each other and are often seen enjoying family vacations together. They also accompany their husbands on their concert tours and support each other by spilling love on social media. When Priyanka was attacked by a website last year, Sophie and Joe came out in their support and called the magazine for their bad journalism.


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