Shahid Kapoor plays a temperamental doctor in his upcoming film Kabir Singh. The film is an official remake of Telugu’s success Arjun Reddy, starring Vijay Deverakonda. At his trailer launch in Mumbai on Monday, Shahid shared how he got into the shoes of Kabir Singh.

“Rediscovering the character is a challenge, I loved Vijay’s work, and when I met Sandeep, we both wanted to find the soul of Kabir Singh and offer his personality to the audience.” If you connect with the love story between Preethi and Kabir or If you have a broken heart, you will understand the intensity of the movie, “said Shahid.

“Kabir Singh is too honest. It has many emotions and also many dark moments. We have not tried to change the world of Kabir Singh. It is very similar to Arjun Reddy. I really want people to see the honesty of Kabir Singh. Do not judge the film or its language from the trailer. Watch the movie for your soul. Only then will you know the head space and the character’s journey, “the actor added.

Speaking of which Kabir Singh is the first remake in which he has worked, Shahid Kapoor said: “I do not think I can comment on my performance, but I consider it high when it comes to difficulty, this is my first remake, so there is already a movie to compare my work. “It’s a thin line between making it too different to make it look like a totally different movie, and make it like the original.”

In Kabir Singh, Shahid plays an alcoholic and temperamental doctor who can not cope with anguish. Speaking about the projection of anger and aggression in the film, the actor said: “I think sometimes we are very hypocritical about how we tend to look at the movies that are made in India.” We observe the things done internationally and we praise them for the fact that they are so honest, direct and that they do not try to be politically correct all the time. The cinema is meant to show different people who have different experiences. It is not about wonderful and perfect people, I think we are all imperfect in our own way. We all have gray areas within ourselves. We go through good and bad phases. We’ve all been angry at some point, hurt and negative at some point. ”

“For me, watching a movie like Kabir Singh will help you understand that when you allow yourself to be affected by those things, you can lead yourself to a path of destruction. It is a warning not to take that route. For people who might have been there, it can be therapeutic. The cinema acts like a medicine. If you see something that you relate to, it helps you to have a kind of catharsis. For me, Kabir Singh is a cathartic film. It makes you pass that journey of a man honestly, without trying to cover it with sugar, because then that is to be manipulative. Sandeep has made an honest film and people should see it knowing that. If people just want to come and see people go “hey hey ha ha”, then the cinema will not get very far. We need to be able to make real movies, “he added.

While Arjun Reddy was criticized for his treatment of female characters, has Kabir Singh minimized that part of the story? Shahid Kapoor clarified: “How is your interpretation of the film evolving? Always show the right thing? I did Jab We Met. Who was the aggressive character in the movie? I played the submissive character. In Padmaavat, I was much calmer, and now I have done Kabir Singh where I am playing an aggressive character. In the university, there are alpha men, men who feel that they have a sense of territorial ownership over a certain place. There are other men who are not as aggressive in their behavior. Some movies represent that kind of characters. This movie shows this kind of character. You watch the movie and see what happens to it. Tommy Singh (the character of Shahid in Udta Punjab) does much worse than Kabir Singh. If I start to justify characters, I can not be an actor. I have to interpret characters for their good and bad. Represent them honestly. That’s what acting is about. Otherwise, I just want people to love me. That’s what stardom is about. Acting is about being honest, letting people dislike you sometimes. It’s okay. It is important.”

Shahid said goodbye by calling the director of Sandeep Reddy Vanga an honest and special film. “Kabir Singh is a very special film, since it comes directly from the heart. This heart belongs to Sandeep and it broke. I do not know how many times his heart broke. Do not take the story badly just because it shows a lot of alcohol and smoking. This is a very honest movie. Kabir Singh is as honest as Tommy Singh from Udta Punjab. I have always thought that cult films should not be remade. Arjun Reddy is a cult movie. But I’m glad we did the remake when Kabir Singh describes honesty and intensity, “said the actor.

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