Aadu – Oru Bheekara Jeevi Aanu (Goat – A very dangerous being) was the debut as director of the scriptwriter Midhun Manuel Thomas. After its premiere at the cinema in 2015, the film fell at the box office. He was ruled out by critics and fans alike. It was a devastating setback for a first-time director and to recover from such a failure, Thomas needed the help of a miracle.

One of the reasons for the film’s failure could be that the filmmakers did not set the right expectations before its release in theaters. The movie trailer suggested an action and adventure show, which involves multiple groups of hard-looking men who pursue a “very precious and mysterious object.” The audience could have expected to see the shock of egos fed with testosterone. But what served them was a film that jokes about the way masculinity is used to create modern mythical heroes in our main films.

The movie that sank at the box office was a classic case of expectation versus reality. By the way, expectation versus reality is also the main source of comedy in the film. For example, when we first meet Shaji Pappan (Jayasurya), he is presented with a background song with adrenaline that tells us how dangerous and invincible it is. We expect him to face 10 men at once. But the reality is that you can not lift the leg above the level of the hip, since it suffers a serious condition of the spinal cord.

Thomas creates a myth for each character and then slowly destroys it. Shaji and his team are expected to storm the camp of gangsters armed with machine guns from Bangkok and rescue one of their friends. But what happens there is completely different. The film is a borderline parody of all our main films that is based on the masculinity of the hero.

Not only Shaji, every person you see in the movie is not the same as it seems. It is a pattern. Most of the male characters in the movie get a dedicated background score that is generally reserved for action heroes. A police officer inspired by Dabangg, S.I. Sarbath Shameer (Vijay Babu), whose very presence causes chills in the spine of men who do not follow the law. Shaji, “the hero” of the movie, is terrified of Shameer. But, Shameer is mistreated by a wayward drunk.

We are told that Arakkal Abu, a leading member of Shaji’s diverse group, is very dangerous and reckless. When everyone doubts, he volunteers to kill the goat that the group won in the tug of war competition. But what happens next is the opposite of what the director wanted you to believe.

The absurd nature of Aadu was misunderstood by the theater audience. And he did not get his expiration at the box office. The film, however, was resurrected after digital and DVD releases. The miracle that Thomas expected. Once he understands the premise and his comedy style, even the death of a person due to a power failure leaves him divided.


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