Giving great relief to Bollywood star Sunny Deol and Karisma Kapoor, a court in Jaipur acquitted the duo in the 22-year-old case, which was denounced in 1997 during filming at the Ajmer railway division.

A railroad court has filed charges against the actor turned Bollywood politician Sunny Deol and actress Karisma Kapoor more than 20 years after they allegedly pulled the emergency chain of a train while filming a movie.

The duo challenged the order in a court of sessions on Wednesday, said A K Jain, a lawyer for Kapoor and Deol.

The actors were accused of illegally pulling the 2413-A Uplink Express train chain, which led to their 25-minute delay.

The lawyer said the charges were initially read against the two actors in 2009, which they challenged in a court of sessions in April 2010.

The court of the session exonerated the two actors, but on September 17, the railroad court again framed the charges against the two, Jain said.

In addition to Deol and Kapoor, specialist Tinu Verma and Satish Shah were also charged in the case, but they had not challenged the charges against him in the court of sessions in 2010.

The railroad court scheduled the next hearing in the case of 1997 on September 24.

Then, the assistant station chief Sitaram Malakar of Narena filed a complaint with the General Railroad Police, after which the actors were accused of violating Section 141 (unnecessarily interfering with the media in a train), the Section 145 (drunkenness or nuisance), Section 146 (obstructing a railway server in its duties) and Section 147 (transfer and refusal to withdraw from the transfer) of the Railways Act.

In 1997, Deol and Kapoor, along with other crew members, filmed the movie ‘Bajrang’ in the village of Sanvarda, near Phulera, in the Ajmer district.

However, Deol and Kapoor had filed a petition in the Court of Sessions that was defended on their behalf by lawyer A. K. Jain


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