On Tuesday, some Truecaller users in India woke up to find what could be a great UPI scam in process. It seems that the popular caller ID application is creating UPI accounts with ICICI Bank of users without their consent. The problem has been raised by several Truecaller users after updating their phones to the latest version of Truecaller.

A Twitter user, @Codepodu, explains that his Truecaller application sent an encrypted SMS from his phone to an unknown number, after which ICICI Bank sent an SMS saying: “Your registration for the UPI application has begun.” The user said that the Truecaller application was automatically updated on their Android phone overnight to the latest version 10.41.6. Following the release of the last update, the application has been creating UPI accounts with ICICI Bank for many users without their consent.

In the same thread, the user clarified that he does not have an account with ICICI Bank, so it seems that this error is also affecting users who do not have an ICICI Bank account. To remember, Truecaller partnered with ICICI Bank in 2017 to launch the UPI-based mobile payment service. It seems that an error is now automatically creating UPI accounts with ICICI Bank without the user’s knowledge or consent. We contact Truecaller to get a statement and update this story as we get it.

Several users of Truecaller have reported on this strange problem related to UPI on Twitter, as well as in the comments section of the Google Play Store, for fear that the application will access personal data and banking information. As of now, this problem seems to be affecting only some Android users and possibly due to some permissions related to the data that has been granted to the application without realizing it.

It is not clear if the error is affecting all users in the latest Truecaller update for Android, but we urge users not to update their application to the latest version or uninstall it until the company solves the problem.

Update: Truecaller has issued a statement about the problem. This is what the company says: “We discovered an error in the last Truecaller update that affected the payment function, which automatically triggered an update after the version update. This was a mistake and we have discontinued this version. of the application, so that no other user will be affected. We are sorry that this version does not exceed our quality standards. We have taken quick steps to solve the problem and we have already implemented a solution in a new version. new version with the correction will be available soon, however, in the meantime you can choose to cancel the registration manually through the application overflow menu



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