Award-winning national actor Vicky Kaushal has had massive success in 2019 in the form of Uri: The Surgical Strike. Even in 2018, Vicky gained much appreciation for his work at Manmarziyaan, Sanju and Lust Stories. In this interview with, the actor talks about winning the National Prize, his strategy of choosing the job and how he always puts his heart in his art.

Here are some excerpts from the interview:

What kind of professional advice do you get after winning the National Prize?

The only advice I am getting is “Don’t change, I know who you are!” And that is very valuable advice.

What is your strategy in terms of the type of work you want to do now?

I don’t think I’m a surgeon when it comes to art, if something sets my heart in motion, then I have to be part of it. First, because most of the work I have done or am doing has been before the National Prize. If I receive so much love, so much credibility and honor, maybe it’s because I’ve been following my heart and believing in my instincts. So, I think it is not necessary to change your game because you have this honor.

After winning the National Prize, do you feel any pressure to continue playing performance-oriented roles or do you want to take it easy?

I am a hungry actor, I want to make all genres, varied parts. I want to do things that I think I can’t assume, I want to try things that people think are not in my alley, that’s how I will grow as an actor. This is what I want to do until the last day of my life, this is all I want to do. So, whatever it takes from my heart: a script, a story, I want to be part of it. I want to work with great filmmakers, I want to be part of good movies, that’s my search. I want to keep up the good work and I want to be honest with my work.

But then, is it so easy for an actor not to put strategy at all?

No, of course, you have to have a strategy, but not after a certain point, you are only killing and killing the charm of everything. You end up killing the love you have for your art. We are really dependent on our spontaneity and our instincts, so if we start planning and planning more than loving what we do, that thing in you dies. To a certain extent, you must choose the work in a way that places it on the map, once this is done, it must cease to be a calculator or, otherwise, it will be sold from the heart. Once your strategy phase has worked, and when your heart says yes and even your brain says yes, then it is yes, but first, it should be your heart.

“That should continue to work like this and continue doing a good job and should not be complacent and not take it for granted. But it is a great honor, I think the greatest honor in the country and it really means a lot to me,” Vicky added in his declaration.

“I told him that I was really hooked on the song and he told me about the team that should work on the song. I thought it would be a great team to work on. I really follow my heart when it comes to doing something creative. And this took my heart in a second. I just got into that. “


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