Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli are among the “it” couples of India, so much so that their reputation extends far beyond India and the Indian diaspora. Their romance and later their Italian wedding made their fans go crazy with them. While Anushka has talked about their marriage and romance, Virat has rarely opened up about it. Now, speaking with American sports television journalist Graham Bensinger, he said he was nervous when they met.

In a video interview with Graham Bensinger’s talk show titled In Depth With Graham Bensinger, Virat talked about how his first meeting with Anushka Sharma was on the shampoo commercial sets at that time. Virat said he actually joked on his heels to undo the discomfort.

“The first time I met her, I made a joke immediately. I was very nervous and that’s why I made a joke because I didn’t know what to do. I was standing on sets and I was all nervous and nervous. I thought I was being funny (when I made that joke), and said something that probably wasn’t right. She is tall and wore heels (makes a gesture that is not too much) and was told that I am not so tall, I am not more than 6 feet or something … He came in with heels and was looking taller than me and I thought that You wouldn’t get a pair of higher heels. Then she said “sorry” and then I said “no, I’m just kidding.” My joke became a very strange moment for me. I was so dumb, to be honest. I was so sure of herself that she is on sets regularly. ”

Speaking of how he and Anushka are similar, Virat said: “She is also from an environment similar to mine. We come from middle class families, we achieve their respective careers, we work hard, we reach a certain stage. In retrospect, when we looked at our lives, they were going at the same pace but in totally different worlds. The schedule of my debut is 2008, the schedule of his first film, filming for August 2008. We met in 2013 and our lives have been very similar in totally different worlds and then we get along very well. We were talking real things, we were talking things that many people do not connect, only if you have seen that life will you understand what we are talking about. So the connection was there immediately. ”

On his first date, he said: “It was quite traditional; We would go out to eat. Eventually, they didn’t have to ask why we both knew we liked spending time together. I don’t even remember when we think “it’s okay, this is the moment when the transition is happening,” it was so organic and natural. And it got stronger and stronger. We knew we just wanted to be together. ”

On the subject of how he asked the question and proposed marriage, Virat said things were so organized that it just happened. At that time, one of his friends, sitting with the crew, talked about how Virat and Anushka’s circle of friends knew that the marriage was going to happen. Then, once it happened, everyone gathered at his house and he said he needed to tell them something. Then, he said he was getting married and that they were “fine, we know.” And then he added “but in two months.”

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Speaking about how the wedding happened, Virat confessed that everything was organized by Anushka since he was in the middle of a series. She calculated the location and mentioned categorically that we had to maintain confidentiality. He went on to say that there were only 42 people at the wedding, only close friends and family and how the top-level security settings were established. Then they had a celebration for their friends in the industry and for their cricket friends. Once these functions were performed, their respective families said it was a wise decision to celebrate the wedding in Italy.

Virat also talked about his honeymoon in Finland. “Then we go to Finland. We expected to see the northern lights, but we couldn’t because it was snowing during the three days, but we were fascinated and bewildered with the whole place. It was pure, white and snowy everywhere and very clean. There was literally no pollution and very few people around. Then we went to the cafe once. So we enter the place and we are fine, this is a place where we have not yet met a person from India. No one is noticing us. This pure freedom and suddenly I look around and look in the corner and there is a Sikh guy with a turban and just looked away. I got my coffee and was trying to hide from it. I told Anushka that I saw a boy and she said “no way, all the way in Finland.” Then that boy noticed us and approached us and said: “Glad to see you and my last name is also Kohli.” I thought about the possibilities of seeing an Indian in Finland and his last name is the same as mine. It was like when we go to a place where they don’t notice us at all. Yes, but it was fun. ”

Anushka was last seen at Aanand L Rai’s Zero last year, which sank at the box office. The film also starred Shah Rukh Khan and Katrina Kaif in the lead roles.


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