Ranbir Kapoor celebrated his 37th birthday on Saturday. The actor’s girlfriend, Alia Bhatt, who is also her co-star in her upcoming movie Brahmastra, made many preparations for her birthday. From organizing a party to baking her favorite birthday cake, she did her best.

Their relationship has surely evolved from being single to seeing a future together, and the last season of Koffee Time Machine is ready to explore this relationship between Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt, over the years. From Alia Bhatt’s confession that she had her first boyfriend in the tenth standard, until she wanted to marry Ranbir Kapoor, many things will be visited in the episode.

When Deepika was asked how to overcome the discomfort, she said: “Acceptance,” to which Alia added: “There is nothing to feel very bad about. We are all very happy.” In his last episode with Ranveer Singh on the couch, Ranbir had confessed: “I think I’m going to fall deeply, madly in love with someone who will love me again deeply and madly.”

When Shah Rukh Khan was asked who Alia Bhatt dated, he said: “Everyone.” In 2010, when Ranbir Kapoor was asked who he was dating, he simply said: “No one at this time.” As he continued to poll, he mentioned: “I am linked to each co-star.” Something similar happened with Alia Bhatt a few years later. To clarify the same thing, the actress mentioned: “Initially yes, I went out a lot with Varun because Sid thought I was very young and he also spoke to me as a child.” When asked if she felt bad because Sidharth didn’t hit her, Alia refused and added: “Someday she will hit me.”

Ask Ranbir if Deepika was talking about him when he mentioned that a last lover cheated on her and said, “We have a very healthy relationship. I am a very dear friend of her. That’s how she is.” Kareena, revealing that Ranbir was really in a relationship with Katrina Kaif, declared: “He is in love. Are you in love with Katrina? You asked about this, Ranbir.”

Years later, during the Badrinath Ki Dulhania promotions, when Alia was asked about her marital status with Varun Dhawan, she said: “He is a friend. Our relationship has also evolved over the years. We begin very close , then even closer, and then we drifted. ” apart, speaking again. It was intermittent. We have had many ups and downs and now we have come to a very comfortable place with each

In her 2013 episode with Parineeti Chopra, Alia also said something that could soon become a reality. She said: “I still think he’s really adorable and I still want to marry him (Ranbir Kapoor).”

Do you think Alia always had a weakness for Mr. Kapoor? Never say Never. What can we say We love where this is going.

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